Professor sues students who posted test questions online

A professor at Chapman University in Orange County is suing his own students for uploading exam materials to the student resource website Course Hero.

Professor David Berkovitz filed the complaint in U.S. District Court Friday. It alleges copyright infringement. According to the Los Angeles Times, Berkovitz “submitted and was granted formal copyright applications for the exams from the U.S. Copyright Office last month.” It’s not clear when the materials were uploaded.

Berkovitz characterizes the suit as a moral cause, rather than an attempt to make money. He wants to get the names of the perpetrators from Course Hero.

“Maybe we’ll send a message to other students,” he told the Times. “Don’t cheat. It’s just not worth it.”

Chapman University spokeswoman Cerise Valenzuela Metzger declined to comment on the case, but said posting exam materials without permission would “likely constitute a violation of our academic integrity policy.”