Azusa Unified to Close Multiple Schools

The Azusa Unified School District will close several schools as a result of plummeting enrollment.

The district previously approved the closure of Gladstone High School and Center, Slauson and Foothill middle schools. Last Tuesday, it added Alice Ellington K-8 School and Powell Elementary School to the chopping block.

“Beginning next year, both Ellington and Powell will not accept any incoming kindergarten students, while Gladstone will not accept any incoming freshmen,” CBS reports.

“Meanwhile, all students from Center, Slauson and Foothill middle schools will be moved to the new Gladstone Middle School, located on the current campus of Gladstone High, which will open in 2023.”

Between the 2003-2004 and 2021-2022 academic years, the student population declined by 42%, or from 12,100 students to just over 7,000. School facilities are at just 47% capacity, the district says.

“School reorganization will allow us to increase and improve program offerings for our students. Secondary students will have more course offerings and broader access to courses of interest. In addition, our sports teams and extracurricular activities will be more robust."