Community Divided Over Fate of San Dieguito Union Superintendent

The fate of San Dieguito Union High School Superintendent Cheryl James-Ward has deeply divided the community of Encinitas. Parents and community members rallied outside district headquarters ahead of a contentious meeting last Thursday. On one side, a group called for the reinstatement of Ward, who was recently placed on leave, and the resignation of Trustee Michael Allman. On the other side, people called for Ward’s termination.

Ward was placed on leave after making offensive remarks about Asian students during a a board training session. Ward has since apologized. And she insists those comments were not the cause of her being placed on leave. Instead, she points to a formal investigation she launched into Allman. She has accused him of racist and sexist behavior, as well as harassment. He has denied those allegations.

The controversy is likely to result in a lawsuit, at least if Ward is ultimately fired. She has retained an attorney. Her counsel says they’re prepared to take legal action if Ward loses her job.

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