Sac City Unified Investigation Into Racist Incidents Yields No Clues

The Sacramento City Unified School District has concluded a six-month investigation into racist incidents targeting West Campus High School Principal Dr. Elysse Versher. No one — not even the district — is pleased with the results.

SCUSD was unable to determine who scrawled a racist message above Dr. Versher’s parking spot last year. The district was also unable to determine who sent her anonymous racist messages on social media.

Mark Harris, the district’s diversity, equity, and inclusion monitor, expressed frustrations with the lack of findings. 

“No one is satisfied with this outcome. Someone knows who committed this crime,” said Harris. He added that the city’s police department would continue to investigate. 

Dr. Versher announced her resignation earlier this month, citing years of racist attacks by students, parents, faculty and staff. Dr. Versher says SCUSD failed to take her allegations seriously or respond in an adequate manner.



Tuesday, November 22, 2022 - 06:30

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