State Auditor to Probe Community Colleges' Spending

Allegations of misspending by California’s community colleges are about to get a closer look. On Monday, state lawmakers directed the California State Auditor to investigate the use of over $100 million given to community colleges to hire full-time staff. 

The investigation will take about six months to complete. It will involve sampling of college districts around the state, said Acting State Auditor Michael Tilden. His office will examine how the money was spent and who authorized that spending.

When lawmakers allocated the money in 2021-22, they included almost no reporting requirements. There have been accusations that districts did not spend the money as intended.

“Our members, including many local union leaders across the state, are concerned that these funds are not being used as intended,” explained Evan Hawkins, the executive director of the California Community College Faculty Association. His group, along with the California Community College Independents, pushed for audit. The request was authored by Assemblymember Evan Low (D-San Jose).