These Are the Best CA Cities for Recent College Graduates

It’s graduation season. For some college grads, it can be a scary time. Not everyone leaves school with a plan in place or a career to step into. Choosing where to go is one of the most important decisions a recent graduate will make, whether that “somewhere” is back home or to a whole new city.

To make the decision easier, Zumper has compiled a list of the best U.S. cities for recent college graduates. Minneapolis took the top spot followed by Denver and Seattle. Columbus and San Francisco rounded out the top five.

These were the best cities for recent college graduates in California:

  1. San Francisco (No. 5 nationally)
  2. Oakland (No. 13 nationally)
  3. San Jose (No. 18 nationally)
  4. Los Angeles (No. 27 nationally)
  5. San Diego (No. 29 nationally)
  6. Anaheim (No. 5 nationally)
  7. Long Beach (No. 73 nationally)
  8. Santa Ana (No. 77 nationally)
  9. Fresno (No. 82 nationally)
  10. Bakersfield (No. 82 nationally)

San Francisco, Oakland, And San Jose have the highest median income for people ages 25 and younger. 

See full list and methodology here