More Allegations of Racism Surface at Sac City Schools

The Sacramento City Unified School District is facing more allegations of rampant racism at its schools. The claims come one month after a former principal filed a lawsuit alleging racial harassment and discrimination.

Several Black teachers from the district’s Rosemont High School tell the Sacramento Bee that they’ve been subjected to racist behavior by both students and fellow staff, and that these incidents have gone “either totally unaddressed... or swept under the rug.”

“The Sacramento City Unified School District disagrees with the notion that a ‘pervasive racial climate’ exists at Rosemont High or any of our 76 campuses,” District spokesman Brian Heap told the Bee. Nevertheless, he said the district takes any allegations of racism seriously, and adds that an outside investigator has been hired to review the allegations involving Rosemont High.

The district used a similar process after someone scrawled racist messages above the parking space of former West Campus High School Principal Dr. Elysse Versher and sent her anonymous racist messages online. But that investigation yielded no clues. The probe could not determine who was responsible

That same month, Versher resigned her post, citing years of racist attacks by students, parents, faculty and staff. She then filed a lawsuit over the district’s alleged inaction



Tuesday, September 27, 2022 - 02:40

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