SFUSD Will Spend Millions to Fix Its New $14-Million Payroll System

San Francisco Unified Trustees voted Wednesday night to hire a management consulting firm to fix issues with its eight-month-old payroll system, which it purchased and implemented at a price of $13.7 million.

Wednesday’s vote follows months of glitches that left district staff without payments and benefits they were entitled to. One of those employees reportedly died of cancer after battling to have his health insurance reinstated. His insurance had been inexplicably canceled due to the payroll mishaps. 

The consulting firm will now work to clear a backlog of payroll issues and stabilize the system, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. That would entail triaging outstanding tickets, resolving back pay issues, closing prior payrolls, and identifying any other outstanding issues to prevent future problems.

The consultant contract was recommended by Superintendent Matt Wayne.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2022 - 06:30

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