Students Fret as UC Faculty Threaten to Withhold Grades

Some University of California students are at risk of losing financial aid and housing as professors are planning to withhold tens of thousands of grades in solidarity with academic workers.

The workers have been on strike for four weeks now. They’re seeking higher wages and better protections. They have cited the high cost of housing as one major reason.

The grade withholding would impact less than 1% of its 230,000 undergraduates. But for those who are affected, the losses could be huge. 

“For someone like me, who lives off campus, withheld aid could literally mean losing my housing,” student Allie Jones told EdSource. She blames university leadership who “refuse to play ball.”

“Rent here is absolutely astronomical, and inflation is absurd across the entire state and country. “A livable wage should not be something that people have to beg for.”

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