These Are Some of the Education Bills Sitting on Gavin Newsom’s Desk

Gov. Gavin Newsom has until Oct. 14 to sign or veto scores of legislation impacting K-12 schools. EdSource took a dive into some of the bills passed by lawmakers this session, many of which address the hardships faced by LGBTQ students. The recently passed bills include:

  • AB 5  – requires public staff undergo online training in LGBTQ+ cultural competency, beginning in 2025-26
  • AB 91 – makes Mexican students within 45 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border eligible for in-state tuition at some community colleges
  • AB 249  – expands lead testing in schools and childcare facilities
  • AB 665  – allows children ages 12+ to consent to mental health treatment or counseling without parental/guardian involvement
  • AB 714 – requires the state to keep data on students who are new to the U.S., while also offering them additional supports
  • AB 1072 – prohibits school boards from banning or removing certain library books or textbooks and allows the state to charge districts for providing the banned materials
  • AB 1127  – re-establishes the Bilingual Teacher Professional Development Program
  • SB 760  – requires public K-12 schools to provide gender-neutral restrooms by 2026
  • SB 765 – increases the amount teachers can earn after retirement, so that more retired educators can step in and help ease the teacher shortage
  • SB 1722 - allows licensed vocational nurses to serve as school nurses when there's a shortage of credentialed school nurses

Read EdSource’s full list of education bills here



Tuesday, July 2, 2024 - 13:41

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