Rebound: How a Fired Police Chief Ended Up Coaching Basketball

LeRonne Armstrong had a “challenging” upbringing. Drugs and gang activity were rampant in the West Oakland flatlands where Armstrong was raised. When times got tough, he turned to basketball.

Armstrong ended up playing ball for Sacramento State. Then he joined the police force and eventually became Chief of the Oakland Police Department.

Armstrong suffered a major setback this past February when he was fired by Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao. In the face of adversity, he’s once again turning to his love of the game. Armstrong is coaching basketball at a private school in the East Oakland Hills.  

"For the first month or so they didn't know who I was," he told CBS. "They was, like, 'Oh he's just coach.' And now recently they're like, 'Oh, that's Chief Armstrong.'" 

Armstrong loves his new beat. But when it comes to the chief’s position, he's still playing defense. The former chief is fighting to get his job back, despite allegations that he mishandled a police misconduct case. 

Armstrong may have a shot. As reported in September, an investigation by a retired judge found a lack of evidence to support the claims against him. That report urged the mayor to consider reinstating Armstrong.

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