Will New Parental Notification Rules Prevent Roseville Teens from Seeking Counseling?

The Roseville Joint Union High School Board of Trustees has approved a new parental notification policy. Under the new rules, parents must be notified if their child misses class to visit a counselor or school wellness center. They must also be notified of any changes to the student’s file, including a name change. 

The policy doesn’t specifically mention gender identity, but could still be used to “out” transgender students, according to critics. Likewise, Oakmont student board representative George Buljan expressed concerns that the policy would discourage students from seeking counseling if they need it. 

Parents who favor the policy argue they have a right to know if their child is missing class or is in need of help. 

“I think we all are being told we’re evil parents, and we’re not,” Oakmont parent Michelle Peterson said.

If a student wishes to visit a counselor or wellness center without their parents finding out about it, they would have to do it outside of class time.

A number of school districts have passed parental notification policies in the past year. Until recently, most of them specifically mentioned students who show signs of transgender identity, including using restrooms of a different gender or requesting to go by a different name. The policy approved by Roseville trustees could accomplish some of the same goals without running afoul of state law and the Constitution.

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