After School Satan Club Causes a Stir in Orange County

A new “After School Satan Club” has divided one Orange County community, raising questions about religious discrimination and equality. 

The Satan Club at San Clemente’s Truman Benedict Elementary will kick on Feb. 12. Although it is not a school-sanctioned club, its gatherings will be held on school grounds. A brochure promoting the inaugural event has a section titled, "Educatin' with Satan," which includes a cartoon devil drawing. The program is hosted by the Satanic Temple and is open to students ages 5-12.

The Temple says it was invited by a parent of the school after their child was given a permission slip to attend an after school Christian club.

“I look at us like vampires: We only go where we’re invited to,” June Everett, campaign director for the After School Satan Club, told the Los Angeles Times.

Some parents are upset that the district is allowing the club to meet on school grounds. But denying them a permit would have opened the district up to liability since it allows other religiously-affiliated clubs to operate.

A similar controversy occurred in 2022 at school in Kern County. Cal School News covered that story here



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