Rob Bonta Issues Legal Alert Over ‘Trans Outing’ Policies

California Attorney General Rob Bonta is once again warning school districts not to pass policies that would ‘out’ transgender students. 

Bonta issued an alert to all districts in California last week. The alert cautions that any policy requiring school staff to report a student’s trans identity violates the state's constitution. 

Bonta said these policies put trans students at grave risk. 

"We know what the data tells us — that 15% of transgender, gender non-conforming young people are kicked out of their home," he said. "Another 10% are harmed physically by members of their direct family."

Bonta has already demonstrated willingness to go after districts that ignore his advice. Bonta is already suing Chino Valley Unified.

CVUSD school board president Sonja Shaw said Bonta is “obsessed with power.” 

“He's showing that he wants to be the parent of our children and he's not doing his real job, which is keeping California safe,” she added. “What is he doing to make them safe at campus by keeping parents out? It absolutely makes no sense."



Thursday, March 28, 2024 - 09:07

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