Corning Union Elementary School District Receives Over $2 Million in CDE Bipartisan Safer Communities Act-Stronger Connections Grant

From California Consulting:

California Consulting is thrilled to announce a significant victory for the Corning Union Elementary School District (CUESD), which has been awarded a transformative $2,226,321 through the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act Stronger Connections Grant, facilitated by the California Department of Education (CDE). This grant is a monumental step towards enhancing safety and wellbeing in schools. 

Our own Statewide Senior Grant Writer, Dana Leusch, in partnership with the dedicated team at CUESD, played a pivotal role in securing this grant. Their collaborative efforts in crafting a compelling and comprehensive grant application were instrumental in this achievement. The grant epitomizes our joint commitment with CUESD to ensure a secure and nurturing educational environment for students. This substantial funding will initiate a series of impactful projects focused on  improving mental health services, strengthening campus safety measures, and fostering a positive school climate. 

Key Initiatives Underway 

1. Upgraded Campus Security: The grant will support enhancements in physical safety across school  campuses i.e. fencing perimeters and front entrance security options to ensure a secure learning  environment. 

2. Security Resource Officer (SRO)- CUESD plans to partner with local law enforcement to hire a Security  Resource Officer (SRO). An SRO provides a visible presence, deters potential threats, enhances overall  safety, and contributes to proactive security strategies.  

3. Enhanced Mental Health Resources: A significant portion of the grant will fund the expansion of  mental health services in CUESD. This includes employing more counselors and mental health  professionals, crucial for addressing the diverse needs of students. 

4. Social-Emotional Learning Programs: Recognizing the holistic needs of students, the grant will facilitate  the introduction of comprehensive social-emotional learning (SEL) programs aimed at nurturing  resilience, empathy, and positive behavior among students. 

This grant marks a significant milestone in our ongoing partnership with CUESD and is a testament to what can be achieved through collaborative effort, expertise, and a shared vision. We extend our congratulations to the CUESD team and look forward to seeing the positive changes this grant will bring.



Thursday, March 28, 2024 - 09:07

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