Hayward Unified Ends Woke Kindergarten Program

The Hayward Unified School District canceled its contract last week with the makers of a controversial elementary school curriculum known as Woke Kindergarten. The $250,000 program had been in use at Glassbrook Elementary School for the past two years. It ignited a national firestorm this month after media reporting on the program went viral.

The district stands by its initial purchase, but says the publicity had become a “distraction.” Officials added that the mission of the program — to boost school attendance — was already “largely complete.” 

As Cal School News previously reported, Woke Kindergarten left much to be desired in terms of student achievement. Glassbrook’s attendance improvement is part of a districtwide trend. Meanwhile, the drop in absenteeism has done nothing to improve its abysmal literacy rates. 

Fallout from the controversy is ongoing. A school board member who was upset over the curriculum is under investigation after telling a school staffer that she should be strung up by a rope. A Glassbrook teacher who raised concerns about the program has been placed on leave for “unprofessional conduct,” sparking retaliation claims. 




Thursday, March 28, 2024 - 09:07

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