Orange County Board Trustee Accused of Road Rage Assault

An Orange County Board of Education member is facing allegations of assault and battery from a 20-year-old neighbor.

The neighbor, Caden O’Malley, has filed a lawsuit against Dr. Ken Williams over a road rage incident that occurred last year. The suit claims Williams got on top of O’Malley, then choked him and stepped on him, before leaving him wounded in the middle of a busy street in Mission Viejo. O’Malley says he was forced to pull himself to the side of the road and call for emergency medical assistance. He was hospitalized with “significant injuries” totaling more than $25,000, according to the suit.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office has confirmed the incident, but says it was unable to determine who the aggressor was. Both men were cited for assault and battery.

In addition to serving as a school board trustee, Williams is a reserve deputy with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. That has raised questions about whether he received special treatment during the altercation.

Los Angeles Times reporter Salvador Hernandez asked the Orange County District Attorney’s Office why the case wasn’t handled by the Special Prosecutions Unit, which is pro forma in cases involving a sheriff’s department employee. OCDA spokesperson Kimberly Edds told the Times that the police report had not made any mention of Williams’ position as a reserve deputy.

Dr. Williams is currently up for re-election in District 3. The election will be held on March 5. Dr. Williams is supported by the local Republican Party while his challenger, Nancy Watkins, has support from organized labor groups.



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