California Seeks to Identify Children Whose Parents Died of COVID-19

In 2022, legislators established the HOPE program to help children who lost parents or guardians to COVID-19. The state will open trust accounts for thousands of eligible children. Each trust will include $4,500. While foster children will be automatically enrolled in the program, children outside the system will need to be identified for eligibility. 

According to LAist, the state is in the process of checking death certificates and tax records to identify children whose parents died from the virus. School districts, as well as churches and community organizations, will play a part in identifying those kids. But officials say they’ll need help from the public and philanthropic organizations too.

“Our community based organizations, our nonprofit community, they're already doing so much with very little resources,” HOPE Advisory Work Group member Patrice Berry told LAist.

The state hopes to avoid the problem it’s currently having with the CalKIDS college savings program. As CalSchoolNews reported last week, only 8.3% of the 3.6 million eligible families have accessed the CalKIDS savings accounts. 

State legislators estimate that at least 32,500 children lost a parent or guardian to COVID during the pandemic.



Thursday, March 28, 2024 - 09:07

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