Orange County Conservatives See Wins and Setbacks in School Board Elections

The effort to recall two conservative members of the Orange Unified School District is passing, according to the latest results from the County Registrar.

Support for the recall against Area 4 Trustee Madison Miner was at 52.54% Thursday. Support for the recall against Area 7 Trustee Rick Ledesma was at 52.70%.

Miner and Ledesma both supported the firing of former superintendent Gunn Marie Hansen. Organizers have accused the trustees of wasting $1 million in school resources, waging performative culture war battles, and contributing to high turnover in the district.

Conservatives and parents' rights advocates had much better luck on the Orange County Board of Education Tuesday. Three members of the board’s majority – Jorge Valdez, Kenneth Williams and Tim Shaw – appear to be hanging onto their seats, dashing Democratic hopes of flipping or moderating the dais. 



Thursday, March 28, 2024 - 09:07

School construction bonds faced some headwinds during the March 5 primary, with a passage rate of around 60% compared with the 73% seen in typical past primaries.