9-Year-Old Who Led Cops on a Car Chase Was Just Trying to Get to School

Oroville Police Officer Terry Dunn experienced the shock of his life last week when he caught up with a driver who had led him on a brief pursuit. As the car finally stopped, Dunn says “I did notice a little head bobbin inside - unusual.”

As it turns out, the person behind the wheel was only 9 years old — and this was no joy ride. The child immediately stuck his head out the window and apologized to Officer Dunn, explaining that he “was trying to get to school.”

More officers arrived on scene and were able to contact both the boy’s parent and the school’s principal. 

It’s not clear why the child had been driving himself to school, although we know lack of transportation is one of the factors contributing to chronic absenteeism. It’s possible the boy took the keys without his parent’s permission. Officer Dunn said the ordeal should remind every parent to keep car keys out of reach.  

Fortunately, no one was injured and the boy made it to school.

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