Another School District Drops its ‘Trans Outing’ Policy

Murrieta Valley Unified is the latest district to back away from a policy that requires parental notification for students who show signs of being transgender.

Last week, the district informed parents that it would not be implementing the policy, which critics described as a ‘trans outing’ rule. The school board is expected to formally rescind it Thursday, April 18.

The decision follows an order from the California Department of Education to stop enforcement. The CDE has determined the policy discriminates against a particular class of students.

The Chino Valley Unified School District was the first to pass a transgender notification requirement in 2023. As reported last month, CVUSD has altered the language in order to comply with a judge’s ruling. Under the new CVUSD policy, parents must only be notified when a student requests a change of their official records. The new policy makes no specific mention of gender or pronouns. 

UPDATE: MVUSD has voted to retain the policy after all.