Don't Miss These Education Grant Opportunities

The following list of education grants has just been released by California Consulting, Inc. 

Education Grants

Deadline: April 15th, August 

Amount: Varies depending on ask (reimbursement for equipment) 

Match: No 


The mission and priority of the JJWF is to help as many schools/programs as possible. Due to the current  economic impact of Covid 19 and inability to hold our annual fundraiser, we are currently prioritizing  schools who have not yet received funding from our foundation. We understand that you may need new  uniforms and/or equipment across all programs. However, we have limited funds and request that you  discuss overall athletic needs with your AD or Principal and apply for what is needed most. Before submitting an application for funding, ensure that your organization meets the Foundation’s  criteria listed below and you’ve read through the entire FAQ section. 

CDE: After School Education and Safety (ASES) Program 

Deadline: April 16th, 2024 

Amount: Maximum of $152,612.13 for Elementary schools. Maximum of $203,482.84 for Middle  schools. 

Eligibility: LEAs Pre-K, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 

The After School Education and Safety (ASES) Program is the result of the 2002 voter-approved initiative,  Proposition 49. These programs are created through partnerships between schools and local community  resources to provide literacy, academic enrichment and safe, constructive alternatives for students in  kindergarten through ninth grade. Funding is designed to: (1) maintain existing before and after school  program funding; and (2) provide eligibility to all elementary and middle schools that submit quality  applications throughout California. The application is for new grantees as well as existing grant  recipients who wish to increase funding. 

School-Based Mental Health Services Grant Program 

Deadline: April 30, 2024 

Amount: Unstated 

Match: Yes, 25% 

Eligibility: SEAs or LEAs

Link: awards-school-based-mental-health-services-grant-program?mkt_tok=MjEwLVlJUi0wODUAAAGR zE8GqOSNxStOUR_EOdta5vZsTvl2ki5kJGabjDpCE3KqUaAI5hNE9kWgzefFZpOQ8GBzYIopoTvDbC-lht vbj1VStz4W0sIuB8CxWFXA 

Purpose: The priorities for the FY 2024 competition described in this notice are intended to increase the  number of credentialed school-based mental health services providers by providing grant funds to  increase recruitment and retention-related activities and incentives, particularly in LEAs and SEAs that  have not yet benefited from an SBMH grant; promote the respecialization and professional retraining of  existing mental health services providers so that they have the credentials needed to provide school based mental health services in LEAs with demonstrated need; and increase the diversity, and cultural  and linguistic competency, of school-based mental health services providers, including competency in  providing culturally sustaining and asset-based services. 

Learning Communities for School Success Program 

Deadline: May 1st, 2024 

Amount: Approved LEAs will receive $50 per 2020-21 enrolled student for each year of the three-year  grant. Minimum three-year grants for LEAs with 100 or less enrollment will be $15,000. Maximum LEA  grants will be $2,000,000 for three-year grant period. This Award is made contingent upon the  availability of funds. 

Match: Yes 

Eligibility: All LEAs, which includes school districts, county offices of education, and charter schools, are  eligible to apply. LEAs with a high rate (exceeding the state average) of chronic absenteeism, dropout,  and out-of-school suspension will be given priority, as well as those with a significant representation of  foster youth or in a community with a high crime rate. 

Link: 2450,upon%20the%20 availability%20of%20 funds. 

Purpose: The Learning Communities for School Success Program (LCSSP) provides funds to local  education agencies (LEAs) to support programs aimed at improving student outcomes by reducing  truancy and supporting students who are at risk of dropping out of school or are victims of crime. The  LCSSP is the result of Proposition 47, which reduced the penalties for certain non-serious, non-violent  offenses and allocates 25% of the resulting statewide savings for LEA grants. 

CA Dept of Education: Middle School Foundation Academies Planning and Implementation  Grant 

Deadline: May 1st 2024 

Amount: $25,000 Planning Year, $50,000 Implementation Year 

Match: Yes 

Eligibility: 6,7,8th grade 


Middle School Foundation Academies (MSFA) Planning and Implementation Grants will be funded  at $1,050,000. This funding is for 14 planning and 14 implementation grants for middle school  career academies ($25,000/$50,000 per Academy). The funds are from the Proposition 98 - Career Technical Education Initiative is included in the 2024-25 State Budget. The program aims  to establish MSFAs to prepare students for participation in a complete, high-quality career  technical education pathway at the local high school. 

CA Dept of Education: California State Preschool Program 

Commented [1]: You have to be severely  disadvantaged to be successful with this grant 

Commented [2]: very specific criteria, make sure the  client understands. 

Commented [3]: not really sure what this means, is it  emphasizing it is super competitive, or does a school  district need to have 14 of this academies within their  school? Or is it total funding and 14 awardees? 

Commented [4]: CTE pathways grant for middle  schoolers, funding is kind of low, so if the school district  is interested in this opportunity they would need to be  prepared to fund part of it.

Deadline: May 6th, 2024 

Amount: $32,711,335 available for the whole program 

Match: No 

Eligibility: LEA’s Pre-K, 3, 4 


The California Department of Education (CDE), Early Education Division (EED) announces the  availability of $32,711,335 million to expand California State Preschool Program (CSPP) services  statewide, as appropriated in the 2021 Budget Act. The CSPP funds are available for local  educational agency (LEA) applicants to provide full-day/full year, part-day/part-year, or any  combination thereof, of CSPP services. 

CA Dept of Education: Specialized Secondary Programs (SSP) Grant 2024-25 

Deadline: May 29th, 2024 

Amount: Up to $100,000 

Match: No 

Eligibility: The proposed SSP must be new to the identified school site(s) and will provide  students with advanced instruction and training in high technology fields and in the performing  arts in grades nine through twelve. All California public high schools, county offices of education,  consortium of local educational agencies (LEAs), and direct-funded charter schools are eligible to  apply. 


The Specialized Secondary Programs (SSP) provides start-up funds for the establishment of a new  specialized program or school, to provide advanced instruction and training in high technology  fields and in the performing arts, for students in grades nine through twelve in high schools. The  Legislature intends for SSP to benefit the state economy by having programs located in close  proximity to areas in which these industries are located. Funding is available for planning and  implementing new programs. 

CalFire: Urban and Community Forestry Green Schoolyards 

Deadline: May 30th 

Amount: Between $200,000 and $6,000,000 awarded per application including no more than  $1,000,000 per child care facility 

Match: encouraged 25% of the project budget 

Eligibility: Nonprofit, Public Agency, Cities, Counties, Qualifying School Districts, and Non-profit  Organizations.  

URL: Purpose: 

The purpose of this grant type is to create green schoolyards to protect the health, well-being, and  educational opportunity of children most vulnerable to increasing temperatures and extreme heat  across California. Projects shall be centered around improving the environmental conditions and  experiences for school children with the highest levels of co-benefits. 

CalSHAPE Plumbing and CalSHAPE Ventilation 

Deadline: Can apply up until May 31, 2024 

Amount: Varies depending on project and-efficiency-program

The California Schools Healthy Air, Plumbing, and Efficiency Program (CalSHAPE) provides funding to  upgrade heating, air conditioning, and ventilation (HVAC) systems in public schools and replaces  noncompliant plumbing fixtures and appliances that fail to meet water efficiency standards. 

U.S. Dept. of Energy Renew America's Schools Round 2 

Deadline: June 13th, 2024 

Amount: TBD 


The Renew America’s Schools grant is the program’s flagship funding opportunity. This competitive  award focuses on funding infrastructure upgrades at K–12 public school facilities, prioritizing high-need  school communities. The first round of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) launched in  November 2022. After unprecedented public interest, the application period closed on April 21, 2023. 

Dollar General Literacy Foundation: Beyond Words  

Deadline: Ongoing  

Amount: Not specified  

Eligibility: Pre-K-12 public schools whose library programs have incurred substantial damage or  hardship due to a natural disaster, fire, or an act of terrorism within the past three years.  Link: 

Summary: Beyond Words, a program of the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, supports public  school libraries in the communities served by Dollar General. Grants are intended to help  replace or supplement books, media, and library equipment.  

KaBOOM!: Build it with KaBOOM! 

Deadline: Continuous 

Amount: $15,000 - Grantees are awarded a $15,000 grant to be used toward the purchase of  playground equipment. To supplement the $15,000 KaBOOM! grant, grantees are required to raise a  minimum of $9,000 (for a total project value of $24,000) up to a maximum of $35,000 (for a total project  value of $50,000) towards the cost of the playground project. This amount does not include the cost for  safety surfacing, freight, site preparation, installation supervision and any other non-playground  equipment items. 

Match: $9,000 

Eligibility: Must be located in San Jose, Los Angeles County, San Francisco, Brisbane, San Bernardino,  Anaheim, Oakland or Santa Ana (See other qualified Community Partner requirements) 

A Build it with KaBOOM! grant provides the facilitation and support of an experienced Project Manager  as community members embark on a 5–12 week planning process. After selection, all partners will join  together for a community Design Day, inviting play experts (the kids, of course) to design their dream  playspace.  

Wish You Well Foundation®  

Deadline: Continuous  

Amount: $200- $10,000  

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations  

Match: No  


Summary: Wish You Well Foundation provides private funds to nonprofit organizations that 4 

promote family literacy in the United States. The foundations focus is on the development and  expansion of new and existing literacy and educational programs.  

US Soccer Foundation 

Deadline: Rolling, Applications will be reviewed on the following deadlines in 2024 (est.): March 31 

June 30 

September 30 

December 31 

Estimated Total Program Funding: Obtain a budget estimate by contacting your local Musco  representative using this form: 



Musco Sports Lighting and the U.S. Soccer Foundation view soccer as a powerful vehicle for social  change. By supporting the development of the U.S. Soccer Foundation's Safe Places to Play program, we  share a goal to ensure that children in underserved communities have easy and affordable access to  quality soccer programs that support their physical and personal development.  The Soccer Fund was established to offer financial support for sports lighting projects on a rolling basis.  Projects can include the Mini-Pitch System™ or soccer lighting projects of all sizes.  

Toshiba America Foundation  

Deadline: Grades K-5 due October 1st annually; Grades 6-12 for up to $5,000 due March 1, June 1,  September 1, December 1 annually. Applications for grants more than $5,000 are due May 1 and  November 1, annually.  

Amount: Up to $5,000 (see website for details on grants over $5,000)  

Eligibility: 6-12 grade Teachers in public or private schools 


Summary: The Toshiba America Foundation is dedicated to promoting quality science and  mathematics education in our nation's schools. Grants for Grades 6-12 are provided to teachers  who have an idea for making science and mathematics more fun for their students. 



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