Academic Worker Strike Expands to More UC Schools

Academic workers at UCLA and UC Davis will walk off the job Tuesday to protest the university system’s response to pro-Palestinian protests. They are following in the footsteps of counterparts at UC Santa Cruz, who launched a two-day strike last week. 

The strikes are led by United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 4811, which represents 48,000 academic employees, including teaching assistants, tutors, and researchers. UAW authorized the strike at UC Davis following the arrests of hundreds of protesters at UCLA and UC San Diego.

The university system requested an injunction last week after the first strike at UC Santa Cruz. The Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) rejected the request, saying there was no legal basis. UAW is now expanding the strike because its demands — including dismissal of all disciplinary and criminal charges against its members — have not been met.

“UC has allowed members of the academic community to be brutalized by violent agitators, and called in police to trample on our members’ rights in direct contradiction to UC’s own policies,” Rafael Jaime, co-president of the union, said in a statement Thursday. “Our workers have walked off the job to demand resolution of these brazen unfair labor practices. PERB’s decision to deny their request for an injunction proves that no employer gets to make up its own rules.”

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