Meet the Volunteers Escorting Students Through San Francisco’s Seedy Tenderloin

Being a parent is difficult no matter where you live, but it can be especially unnerving in San Francisco’s Tenderloin. Public safety has deteriorated so badly that Mayor London Breed has requested help from the federal government.  

Just getting to school used to be a harrowing experience. Then came “Safe Passage.” The group escorts students to the community’s only public school each day, helping them safely navigate the open-air drug use, crime, and squalor that has become so ubiquitous on city streets. 

The volunteers frequently encounter people shooting up drugs or urinating in public. They try to get them moving along or may reroute students for their safety.

Many of the children are from immigrant families that are struggling to make ends meet. Thanks to Safe Passage, the trip to school is one less worry they have to deal with.

Safe Passage started after a student temporarily went missing on their way to school one day. The group has since expanded to assist other groups like senior citizens. 

Learn more about Safe Passage, including how to donate, here.