Police and CHP Clear Protesters from UCLA Campus

State and local law enforcement officials have cleared an encampment established by pro-Palestinian protesters on the UCLA campus. The operation — which involved members of the LAPD, LASD, and CHP — took place before dawn Thursday morning. Over 200 people were arrested.

Protesters had been manning a campus blockade for the past week, calling for an end to Israel’s war in Gaza and condemning the support of the U.S. Violence broke out Tuesday, as counter-protesters descended on the camp and attacked members of the pro-Palestinian side. Both Gov. Gavin Newsom and L.A. Mayor Karen Bass criticized the slow police response.

The officers involved in Thursday’s operation were dressed in full riot gear. Scuffles broke out and some demonstrators sprayed fire extinguishers at police. Images from the aftermath were shocking. There was wall-to-walk graffiti and broken windows. Protesters had vandalized Royce Hall. 

UC President Michael V. Drake has announced an independent review of the school’s recent actions, as well as the response from law enforcement.

President Joe Biden said the following Thursday:

“Destroying property is not a peaceful protest. It’s against the law. Vandalism, trespassing, breaking windows, shutting down campuses, forcing the cancellation of classes and graduations — none of this is a peaceful protest. Threatening people, intimidating people, instilling fear in people is not peaceful protest. It’s against the law. Dissent is essential to Democracy, but dissent must never lead to disorder or to deny the rights of others, so students can finish the semester and their college education.”

The UCLA campus is currently closed to all students and faculty. For the rest of the week, all classes will be online. 



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