Sac State Strikes Divestment Deal with Pro-Palestinian Protesters

Sacramento State University has agreed to divest from companies that “profit from genocide, ethnic cleansing, and activities that violate fundamental human rights.” It’s part of a deal with pro-Palestinian protesters, who had set up an encampment on school grounds just eight days prior.

Students for Justice in Palestine consider this a major victory. As the Sacramento Bee notes, “the move makes the university one of the first CSU campuses to agree to alter its policies amid the ongoing war in Gaza.” As soon as the agreement was forged, protesters packed their tents and left campus. 

However, it’s not clear what the actual impacts of the new policy will be. The university says it has no direct investments with corporations that have ties to Israel — the main target of the agreement.

As part of the new policy, the university’s five auxiliaries are being directed to investigate its investments to ensure compliance. Members of Faculty for Justice in Palestine will reportedly be part of the review process. 

In a statement, Sacramento State called its new policy “socially responsible.”

“We believe it’s important that our efforts to fund students’ education do not rely upon us benefiting from companies that profit from ethnic cleansing, genocide or human rights violations.”

Activists hoping to replicate this model on a larger scale may be disappointed. California State University has already declined to strike a similar divestment deal, saying it would ‘impinge on the academic freedom of our students and faculty and the unfettered exchange of ideas on our campuses.'



Tuesday, July 2, 2024 - 13:41

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