In Bizarre Rant, Auburn School Trustee Appears to Threaten City Leaders

Calls are growing for the removal of Auburn Union School District Board Member Jayson Wedge after a bizarre rant in which he appeared to threaten city leaders while peddling conspiracy theories about witches and child sacrifice.

Wedge, who is already the target of a recall effort, delivered his remarks at the Auburn City Council meeting on Tuesday night. Since June is LGBTQ Pride Month, some elected officials had appeared at the meeting in Pride shirts. Auburn Mayor Rachel Radell-Harris also opened the meeting with a Proclamation declaring June as Pride Month in Auburn.  

The display of solidarity with the LGBTQ community clearly angered Wedge.

“As elected officials, we are not elected to take part in social or political movements. And with this Pride Month, this was a social and political movement that you guys took part in,” the trustee said during public comment. “And I would like to leave with a proclamation myself for we the people… that any form of witchcraft, any forms of idolatry, any forms of child sacrifice will not be tolerated. And your days are numbered.

Wedge was elected to the school board in 2022 with support from the conservative Moms for Liberty group. According to the Sacramento Bee, Wedge also heads the Placer County chapter of the Freedom Coalition, “a right-wing group of ‘freedom advocates’ who promote the conspiracy theory that the COVID-19 public health lockdowns were a way for the U.S. government to install more 5G towers across the country to control the electorate.”



Tuesday, July 2, 2024 - 13:41

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