This California City is Among the Top 10 for Recent College Grads

San Francisco has gained a rough reputation for rising crime, struggling businesses, and high costs of living. Yet the city has just been named the best large city in California for college graduates by CoworkingCafe.

The median income for college graduates in San Francisco is $106,552. That’s the highest in the country. San Francisco also has one of the lowest unemployment rates for college grads (3.3%), and 79% of the population has health insurance.

Nationally, the Bay City came in 9th place. See full rankings below and check out the methodology here.

Ten Best Cities for College Grads in 2024

  1. Kansas City, Missouri 
  2. Boston, Massachusetts 
  3. Washington, DC
  4. Charlotte, North Carolina 
  5. Atlanta, Georgia 
  6. Austin, Texas
  7. Minneapolis, Minnesota 
  8. Denver, Colorado 
  9. San Francisco, California 
  10. Seattle, Washington 

List and data were compiled by CoworkingCafe and do not reflect statistics for all cities. 



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