Rejected by Voters, Stefan Bean to Head OCDE

The Orange County Board of Education selected charter school principal Stefan Bean to replace Al Mijares as Superintendent of the Orange County Education Department on Tuesday. Bean will serve for the next two years until voters select a new superintendent in 2026.

Mijares, who is battling cancer, recently announced his retirement. Bean was his opponent in the June 2022 election. Mijares won handily, with over 52,000 voters choosing Mijares over Bean.

Bean is a former charter school superintendent and board member for the Orange County Classical Academy. The charter school program is affiliated with conservative Hillsdale College and run by Dr. Jeff Barke, a physician and COVID-19 denialist who is married to Board of Education President Mari Barke.

As superintendent, Bean has promised to be a champion of charter schools and to promote transparency at OCDE. He'll be an ally of the conservative board majority, which clashed frequently with Mijares. 

Read more about Bean's appointment from Voice of OC.





Tuesday, July 2, 2024 - 13:41

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