What’s Next After Temecula Valley Board President’s Recall?

It’s official. Voters in Temecula Valley Unified’s Trustee Area 4 have recalled School Board President Joseph Komrosky. 

The conservative firebrand had pursued a number of divisive policies since his election in 2022. These include a ban on Critical Race Theory and requiring schools to notify parents if their child identifies as transgender. Komrosky was also part of an unsuccessful attempt to do away with a social studies textbook that mentioned the late Harvey Milk. Komrosky infamously branded Milk a “pedophile.”

Edgar Diaz, President of the Temecula Valley Educators Association, expressed relief at Komrosky’s ouster.

“I’m looking forward to getting back to working on issues of supporting student success and safety in classrooms,” he told EdSource.

“That’s my excitement… Our board meetings can get back to that, versus having to listen to controversial issues being brought up and then passed without any sense of discussion or listening.” 

There’s no guarantee that will happen. A lot depends on what happens in November. Four of the district’s five seats are up for grabs. Jennifer Wiersma, the board’s remaining conservative, is the only one not on the ballot. Allison Barclay and Steven Schwartz are up for re-election, and two seats previously held by conservative members — Komrosky and Danny Gonzalez — are wide open. 

Komrosky has told EdSource he intends to run again. The recall question succeeded by just 212 votes, so Komrosky could easily make a comeback.



Tuesday, July 2, 2024 - 13:41

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